Education & jobs

Education and Career are both internally knitted. Education is the medium to achieve career. ‘What a student wants to attain in his career or what a student dreams about his career depends totally on the selection of the subject he chooses at the time of his secondary education.

  • Planet wise Aries persons prefer career related to army and police, surgeon, industrialists sportsperson etc.
  • Taurus indicates career related to luxury goods, cosmetics, fashion designing etc.
  • Gemini denotes communication. As such fields like journalism, media, accountants, representation on other’s behalf suits them the most.
  • Cancer a watery sign attracts fields like fisheries, petroleum, chemicals and marine related career.
  • Leo denotes power as such government jobs; politics etc. are its main area of career.
  • Virgo’s lord is Mercury. The line of career is computers, accountancy, orators, media and other fields involving communication.
  • Libra the sign of justice and beauty involves the area related to judgement, judges, fashion- designers, cosmetic sellers and even prostitutes.
  • Scorpio denotes occult science, doctors, and drugs and chemicals.
  • Sagittarius’s lord is Jupiter. Like wise its field is religion, law, teaching, lecturers etc.
  • Capricorn includes earth related career like mining the raw material or extraction work beneath earth.
  • Aquarius lord is Saturn and advisors, consultants; philosophers and educationists are the areas of its career.
  • Pisces a water related sign indicates career related to marine, chemicals, oil etc.

Astrological help can be of great help in choosing career of a child. Even good astrologers with deep knowledge of astrology are found under this sign.