Love Marriage

Marriages are made in haven but some marriages don’t get success in comparison to others. Love is an inner feeling that is far from any selfishness. In the daily life we can notice that individuals get success in love, reject in love, get acceptance, cheated and betrayed also. Love is far from any egoism. When you have feeling for partner, when your heart palpitate for someone than you are in love. It is easy to fall in love but it is so difficult to convert your love in to marriage and do love marriage because there are many obstacles in the form of caste, religion, Gotra, Gun Vichar, financial position etc.

Inter caste marriage are not favored in our society. Our society makes hypocrisy for being so modern but in spite of it love marriages are not allowed. According to our vedic astrology only arrange marriages get success. Fifth, Seventh and Ninth house of kundli can define the success of any marriage it doesn’t matter that it is love marriage or arrange marriage.

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